How I Can Help

View the three options below. When you've made your selection, please go to Let's Talk and send me a detailed message outlining your request. Urgent inquiries should be directly emailed to me at [email protected] I'll respond to your request soon with a project estimation that includes price and a timeline.

  1. Effective Organizing
    Do you have a movement to organize or want to join? I can make it happen.
  2. Political Campaigns
    Whether you're running for office or building a campaign team, I will earn you a victory on election day.
  3. Creative Content
    I like turning ideas into words. Let me cover your communications tasks so you can focus on other important stuff.

Political Campaigns

If you are running for office, building a campaign team, or seeking staff for a future project, this is a good place to start. I have several years of campaign experience including management and a focus on field programs. I also know that political campaigns aren't just about winning, they're about people and changing lives for the better; I understand the value of doing things right and doing things well.
  • Field Program Direction
  • Campaign Management
  • GOTV Execution
  • Communications
  • Message me with needs not described above
People are more motivated than ever to be active, loud voices in and for their communities. We're fighting back against oppression and injustice every day. From the pipeline protests to the Women's March on Washington to lawyers filling airports, we're moving and shaking the world around us. My organizing services are application based and low-cost or pro bono. See the two tiers below and see me a message with your needs.

Do you have a movement you want to organize? Maybe a protest or town hall gathering in your district? Let me guide you to lead your neighbors to action! 
  • We'll work together to organize legal, safe, and legitimate protests
  • We'll market to the correct audiences for support 
  • We'll make sure the messaging works for every argument
  • You and your community will be better organized and ready for anything

Do you want to attend a movement but don't know how to get there? I'll work with you to fundraise and meet your needs for travel and sustainability. I'll also help you prepare yourself for effectively benefitting the movement of your choice!
  • We'll fundraise for your travel and living expenses
  • We'll organize your itinerary
  • We'll make sure you and the movement are meeting thoughtful goals
  • You'll become a better leader and organizer in the process

Effective Organizing


My creative project services are very straightforward. I want to provide you the very best, so know that revisions are endless although rarely needed! Please send me as detailed a message as possible so that I can respond with a fair project estimation. Turn-around time on small projects can be a soon as a few hours. Long-term projects are also available. 

Service Options
  • Ghostwriting
  • Press Releases
  • Editing
  • Social Media Management - use of management apps included
  • Email Marketing
  • Speeches
  • ​And more

Creative Content